Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm back on insulin and I quit the paleo diet.

I'm back...
Sorry everyone for the lack of blogging, but this is probably my last one.

I'm back on insulin and I quit the paleo diet.

My sugars started increasing to the 140s-150s in March and I went back on insulin. The diet really wasn't helping. However, I stayed on the paleo diet for a few days but I couldn't take it anymore and started having dairy, grains, and legumes again.

My opinion is that the diet is too restrictive and is very difficult to follow (100%). You almost have to be obsessed with the food that goes in your mouth. I am very happy to have the freedom of my food choices.

I think the diet did something to my body, probably just put me in a honeymoon phase somehow.

Right now I take 10 units lantus and my I:C ratio is 1:20. I'm seeing my endocrinologist tomorrow. I'm eating much more carbs now, about 150g/day. It's been almost 2 years since I've been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Insulin therapy is honestly not that bad, for me the most horrible part about diabetes is knowing that one day I will most likely suffer from the complications of nerve damage, eye damage, heart damage, kidney damage, etc.

After following the crazy yet logical paleo diet, I still believe diet may be one of the many factors involved in TID. I think I've got it in my genes, my paternal grandfather, his sister, and my maternal great great (great?) grandmother were all type 1 diabetics.

Take care everyone, apologies for getting everyone's hopes up and lack of correspondence. On the bright side, I'm graduating this June with my BA in Spanish :) And my sugars are still pretty well under control.