Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm back on insulin and I quit the paleo diet.

I'm back...
Sorry everyone for the lack of blogging, but this is probably my last one.

I'm back on insulin and I quit the paleo diet.

My sugars started increasing to the 140s-150s in March and I went back on insulin. The diet really wasn't helping. However, I stayed on the paleo diet for a few days but I couldn't take it anymore and started having dairy, grains, and legumes again.

My opinion is that the diet is too restrictive and is very difficult to follow (100%). You almost have to be obsessed with the food that goes in your mouth. I am very happy to have the freedom of my food choices.

I think the diet did something to my body, probably just put me in a honeymoon phase somehow.

Right now I take 10 units lantus and my I:C ratio is 1:20. I'm seeing my endocrinologist tomorrow. I'm eating much more carbs now, about 150g/day. It's been almost 2 years since I've been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Insulin therapy is honestly not that bad, for me the most horrible part about diabetes is knowing that one day I will most likely suffer from the complications of nerve damage, eye damage, heart damage, kidney damage, etc.

After following the crazy yet logical paleo diet, I still believe diet may be one of the many factors involved in TID. I think I've got it in my genes, my paternal grandfather, his sister, and my maternal great great (great?) grandmother were all type 1 diabetics.

Take care everyone, apologies for getting everyone's hopes up and lack of correspondence. On the bright side, I'm graduating this June with my BA in Spanish :) And my sugars are still pretty well under control.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Still positive autoantibodies and other lab results

I got my labs done in December to share finally. I've been on the paleo diet for one year now and off insulin for six months. The diet is still working great with great blood sugars AS LONG AS I keep my carbs under about 90g/day. I can't eat a limitless amount of carbs. 60g or more of carb/meal will make my aftermeal sugar about 140.

My December A1C is 5.6. It's higher than I would prefer but I think the increase might be due to my dairy incident. I ate cheese for a total of two weeks and made my blood sugar increase for about a month like I said in my previous post. I went to my endo in Dec. and got some lab results about two pancreatic autoantibodies, insulin autoantibodies and GAD autoantibodies, which are still there.

Insulin Ab (U/ml) : Result 22.2 Reference Range 0.0-0.4
Glutam Acid Decarboxylase Ab (IU/ml):
Result >250.0 Reference Range 0.0-5.0

I checked my islet cell autoantibodes a month after going paleo in February 2009 and those actually went away. When I was diagnosed my Islet Cell IgG Ab was slightly elevated at 1-8.
Islet Cell IgG Ab (in Feb.09)
Result <1-4>Reference Range <1-4>

Knowing that I still have autoantibodies attacking my pancreas is quite disappointing. I thought theoretically by eliminating possible dietary triggers (grain, dairy, and legumes) and not needing insulin injections anymore, my body would stop the autoimmune attack (stop producing autoantibodies or decrease them). It really makes me question if the diet is going to keep on working.

There is one more dietary modulation that I could do to see if it helps. According to the Paleo diet, they suggest people with autoimmune diseases, like with Multiple Sclerosis, to avoid eggs and nightshades (tomatoes and peppers). I tried it once for a week and didn’t notice any difference in my blood sugar so I kept them in my diet. I am going to eliminate eggs and nightshades for 3 months and see if that effects my autoantibodies. Here’s a page about dietary treatment for Multiple Sclerosis, another autoimmune disease.

In three months I am checking ALL pancreatic autoantibodies. Also my C-Peptide is on the very low side of normal. C-Peptide measures if a person can produce insulin.

Results 0.8ng/ml Reference Range 0.8-3.5ng/ml

When I was diagnosed my C-peptide was low at 0.3 so it’s an improvement and I can produce my own insulin but it’s definitely on the lowest side! To me it says many beta cells are still dead or challenged. I am consuming only around 75-90g of carb per day. The past 5 months I have not regularly exercised. We'll see what happens with time and I will always keep watch on my blood sugar and make sure I am getting adequate nutrients.